040film Ltd. is an independent company which deals with film and television series production and development. It was born thanks to the work of three authors, Andrea Andolina, Valentina Burolo and Elisabetta Bernardini. The group collects the previous experiences of the authors in the field of cinema and of television and theater as well.
Andolina and Burolo have actually been working together for over twenty years; they have collaborated with RAI Radio Televisione Italiana and in several theaters. The company is born on their first cinema set, the short film by Andrea Andolina “LA CURA”. The three colleagues decide to fund the company 040film, and create quality cinema products. Since then they have produced short films, video clip for young song writers and adverts. 040film also works with animation in stop motion. This field of work has been deeply wanted by Andolina, a lover of the genre, especially after his experience at the Spain workshop with the famous  Tim Allen.
The vision of 040 Film is to produce quality cinema products inspired by literature, with a particular focus on the issues of the more vulnerable sections of the population. At the moment, 040 film has in pre production and in development: a stop motion short film against the consumption of plastic, “PlasticLove”, written by Valentina Burolo, the first feature film by Andrea Andolina  “I viaggi del principe” and “Honour the child” by Elisabetta Bernardini.

Synopsis of “Interview with Rossella”:

This Short Film is of dramatic genre. The protagonist is Rossella, an old lady, mother and grandmother, very busy and full of interests. We will get to know her through the messages left on her answering machine by relatives and friends.


As soon as I read the short story “Interview with Rossella” I realized that an interesting and original short film could have come out of it. I felt it was a challenge worth accepting: telling a part of a woman’s life through the messages on her answering machine. However, it was a true challenge. How could I get through to the audience Rossella’s character, a character which we never see in front of the camera. How could I make the audience “feel” her presence and movements around her apartment  (the only location of the whole short film)? How could I give body to a story where – in physical terms – no character actually appears? I thought that a sequence shot was my best beta. The objects of a house change their position at each movement of the camera, and this is how the audience senses the woman’s presence and everyday movements, and the passing of time as well. And everything is highlighted by the messages which are left on the answering machine by friends and relatives.


Director and cinema author. Degree in Communication at the University of Studies of Trieste with a thesis in cinema and audiovisual semiology; winner of a PhD in children neuro-psychiatry (Theatre Therapy). He has followed an animation stop-motion course with Tim Allen, animator for the film: “Corpse Bride” directed by Tim Burton. He has worked with RAI (Italian public TV channel) and with the University of Studies of Trieste, where he works as assistant professor. He has directed several short films with children and teenagers and won several awards. His first short film starring adult actors is “LA CURA”, in 2015, inspired by the short story “Setti piani” by Italian writer Dino Buzzati, subject and screenplay by Valentina Burolo, distributed by Studio Universal. In 2016 “ANNA” is his second short film inspired by the namesake short story published by editor Arianna and winner of the literary Award Erice. Photography: Marina Kissopoulos. In 2017 he directs “ONE MORE”, his third short film interpreted by Sara Cechet Woodcock and Luigi Rizzo and distributed in Italy as well as abroad by Premiere film.
“INTERVIEW WITH ROSSELLA”   is Andrea Andolina’s last short film, selected for several Italian, Canadian and USA festivals, produced by 040 film and distributed by premiere.

Official selection:

David di Donatello nelle 72 opere scelte per la cinquina (ITA)
Aesthetica Short International film Festival (Qualifying BAFTA and Academy Award® Qualifying) (UK)
San Diego Italia Film Festival (USA)
The Next Generation short film festival (ITA)
Le Petit Septième – rassegna corti italiani in Canada (CA) ( Distribuzione nel 2020 nelle sale canadesi)
Ischia Global film festival (ITA)
Gargano Film Fest 2019 (ITA)
Pietrasanta Film Festival (ITA)
Adriatic Film Festival (ITA)
Movievalley Bazzacinema International Film Festival (ITA)
Kino Film 16th Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival (UK)
K3Film Festival (AUT)
Asti Film Festival (ITA)
ShorTs Film Festival (ITA)
I-Fest International Film Festival (ITA)
Gargano Film Festival (Premio del pubblico)
Pietrasanta film Festifal (Miglior sceneggiatura)
I-Fest International Film Festival ( miglior cortometraggio)
ShorTS International Film Festival ( menzione speciale AMC)
Movievalley Bazzacinema International Film Festival (Miglior scenografia)


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