THE BORA (Directed by Andrea Andolina)

Once upon a time the Karst was a land covered in woods and dotted with ponds, created by the numerous sinkholes in the area. Farmers and Shepherds lived on the high plains, whereas the fishermen lived along the coast.
They lived in harmony, exchanging the products they managed to extract from the land and the sea. The land didn’t make its inhabitants rich, but gave enough to sustain its people’s daily needs. Those people knew nothing of greed or envy and for this they were content.
At that time, in the Karst, in a cave in the middle of the woods, lived a fairy of the woods called Bora. The fairy was minute, her body was thin and her hair straight and shiny, like ivory. Bora was a happy and cheerful fairy who often sang and danced in the flowery Karst meadows. When hot summers arrived she blew a soft breeze to refreshen the inhabitants of that land.
Everyone thanked her for this and loved her.
One day Bora was talking a walk and decided not to take her usual path but instead to venture into the woods. The trees were grand and the perfumes of the flowers pervaded the meadows. She, with her usual happiness, was dancing and singing as she went. That day she walked till a wooded hill, at the center of which there stood a grand old oak tree.

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Directed by: Andrea Andolina

With: Luigi Rizzo, Clara Kallenius

Director of photography: Paolo Battigelli

Written by: Valentina Burolo e Andrea Andolina

Animator by: Margherita Marzari

Costume designer: Emma Depaoli

Designer: Luca Mingolla

Music: Marco Giardina

Produced by: 040Film


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